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Capturing themes in real-team murals helping to find patterns and converging ideas in an exchange among leading business thinkers and authors at IBM’s Symposium on Coevolution of Business and Technology Innovations.

“We were delighted as Eileen Clegg's visual journal took shape around the walls of the auditorium -- it stimulated discussions during breaks, refreshed people memories about earlier presentations, and served as a wonderful summary and archive of the event."

—Jim Spohrer, Ph.D.

Defense Acquisition University

Supporting the need for urgency and clarity in organizational change for the Defense Acquisition’s national university, we worked with the award-winning (including CUBIC Award, 2003) leadership team led by DAU President Frank Anderson. During a two-day meeting, the emerging murals uncovered some hidden barriers that could then be addressed and overcome to achieve higher aspiration and to align the university deans behind the strategic plan.

Eileen Clegg has been a great partner for DAU! In the past two years and during our strategic planning off-sites and leadership programs, her facilitated visual journalism really helped clarify critical issues and key insights. Her big picture thinking that helps everyone share and execute on a single vision, and our two years of work together contributed to DAU's success.

—Gen. Frank Anderson
President, Defense Aquisition University
Chief Learning Officer of the Year for 2004 (CLO Magazine)


At the TechLearn conference of 3000+ in Orlando Florida, an annual event known for exploring the edges in best practices and emerging trends in corporate learning and technology, we created murals integrating the presentations, themes, questions and ideas in a way that encouraged immediate reflection by participants, enabling a deeper learning experience especially for visual thinkers.

Current murals:

Darden School of Business

To help crystallize the themes and research during a symposium on learning, we created murals that uncovered new patterns and stories from presentations and discussions.

“(The) art work and multicolor group "mind maps" give participants and readers a chance to "see" what they said and one way that it all comes together."

—James G. Clawson, Ph.D.,
University of Virginia


Toward the goal of translating complex and abstract concepts into relevant and motivating materials, we created murals depicting concepts in information management such as granularity, tagging, standards, and personalization) and then synthesized the murals into drawings for power point presentation and book.

“It is like having a cognitive radar screen that shows up all the gold nuggets of ideas and concepts orbiting your thoughts and discussions.…the power of visualization to conversation has to be experienced to be believed.”

—Wayne Hodgins
Strategic Futurist, Autodesk
Founder, Learnativity

Cambridge University Press

We were challenged to create illustrations that would give readers not just information but an entire “gestalt” essence of the concepts about new approaches to corporate learning for the book Creating a Learning Culture (to be released, April 2004)

Creating a Learning Culture (pbk)

Bay Area Science Education Collaboratory

(initial funding by William and Floral Hewlett Foundation)

After creating murals to capture user needs, we created the artwork for a science website designed to be “light-switch easy” for teachers who often have little time for navigation and benefit from imagery that helps to quickly identify where they need to go for information.”

“Eileen’s recording ability is amplified by her ability to listen and hear the “story line” of a conversation and meeting, and to then summarize the flow of ideas visually.”

Ted Kahn, Ph.D.
CEO, Design World for Learning
PI, Bay area Science Education Collaboratory Project Site
DesignWorld for Learning

Federated Department Stores, Inc.

At a leadership training led by Kevin Wheeler for FDS’s nationwide recruiting executives, graphic storytelling helped leaders take the edge in a paradigm shift in thinking about the role of recruiting and staffing that will put organizations ahead in the future.

Global Learning Resources, Inc.

Working with Global Learning Resources Kevin Wheeler, live visuals are used to amplify workshops. The images are then reproduced in a "group memory book" for participants(examples available upon request)

Model Secondary Schools Project

(funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

We developed murals of presenters and discussion at The Summer Institute, leading to creation of a poster and book distilling learnings about how to create and sustain small high schools.

Click here to download the PDF file of the book.

Thomson Netglobal

COFES (Conferences on the Future of Engineering Software)

American Cancer Society