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Visual Language

We believe that the most powerful way to communicate is to help others literally "see" what you are saying. We use a strategic combination of words and images known as visual language to help clients make their point, using large scale graphics live at meetings and conferences, and developing highly visual books and websites. We can help you:

Make Meetings Work*

We create large-scale graphics in real-time at meetings at conferences so that participants can see new ideas as they are generated. (Portfolio) People can see discussions or speeches instantly translated into artful pictures with key phrases that stimulate deeper engagement and retention. This technique has been used by multinational corporations and leading conference organizers (Clients) *(We borrowed this phrase from Michael Doyle’s classic book "How to Make Meetings Work," which 30 years ago identified graphic facilitation as a key to success for corporations)

Tell Your Story*

With lively visuals, crisp writing and innovative layout, you can quicken your message to team members, customers, or the general public. We create publications that illustrate the point quickly. In this face-paced era of information overload, people struggle with lengthy reports and books and appreciate the brevity of visual language. We bring long experience as writers and illustrators of mainstream books and industry publications (Publications) (*We agree with Stephen Denning, author of "The Springboard" that identified storytelling as the key to igniting action in organizations)

Open Minds

In a time of accelerating change that requires nimble thinking and the ability to quickly shift contexts, words alone don’t work to enable creative processing of new ideas. With visual language, people can use their  right brain to brainstorm and develop new ways of productive work. We work with companies to facilitate groups to collectively build a new "big picture" that reflects and synthesizes evolving ideas. (See our paper Writing on the Walls)

Capture Knowledge

"Knowledge management" is a key concern of most companies but many are realizing that traditional systems are static, difficult to access, and unpopular with the employees who most need to use or contribute to institutional memory. We take an old-fashioned journalism approach to debriefing your best thinkers to capture their most valuable asset:  knowledge that is so second nature to them that they fail to articulate (or even to recognize they have) key insights and experience. We develop "institutional memory banks" for corporations who understand the value of their employee’s tacit knowledge.  We have several techniques including customized templates designed for managers to tap into and record employees’ knowledge.

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